Mobile Application

Search for businesses in your local area or any city nationwide. Access business addresses, phone numbers, websites, email, ads, coupons and other enhanced listing data. Sort by distance to find the closest results or sort by relevance of your search term. View results in a list view or toggle through results on a map. Zoom and scroll features in the map view allow users to find results in any area. Easily find local businesses anywhere in the United States with the Redbook app.

Download it now at the iTunes Store or the Android Marketplace.



- GPS locator delivers the closest listings.

- Easily change the location to search businesses anywhere in the U.S.

- Voice search allows for quick interaction.

- Find business web sites, advertisements, phone numbers and more.

- Zoom and Scroll map features allow users to find results in any area.

- Get driving directions to any business located on map.

- Sort results by relevance, distance, or alphabetically.

- Share listings/events via email, and post to Facebook/Twitter.

- Favorites allow you to save businesses and events for easy recall.

- Auto-Suggestions give predictive suggestions as you type.

- Add to Contacts quickly adds business details to your address book.

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